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"Young, Fun and British."

Based in East London, Brat and Suzie was founded in 2009 by twin sister duo Polly and Charlotte Vickery.  We combine our obsession with fashion and our innate love of animals to produce super cute, quirky, fashionable ranges of clothing each season.  We have an eye for striking and unusual prints which feature squirrels riding motorbikes, flamingos in stilettos and dogs in glasses.

Since the brand’s inception, Brat & Suzie has grown from a small label that first sold out of the "Up Market" near Brick Lane in London, to a fully-fledged fashion brand that has quickly gained a following amongst celebrities, trend-setters and top retailers worldwide. The girls on TOWIE and Made in Chelsea are fans, as well as Tulisa and Kimberly Walsh. 

 Polly and Charlotte appeared on BBC’s Dragons Den in August 2011 which helped gain more fans of the brand and successfully promoted our ethos of putting the FUN back into fashion. Young, fun and British, we are always found scouring thrift stores, visiting art galleries and photographing street style to feed our design inspiration.

 So jump on the Brat and Suzie Bus and take a trip into our magical world of fashion and wildlife.


The Brat and Suzie Team


What's your favourite City?

London of course it's where I live and it’s the city I know best.

What is your all time favourite Brat and Suzie piece?

Cat bow tee from our first ever collection as it's vintage Brat and Suzie and designed by my friend Louise who was our first illustrator collaboration.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

Everywhere! books on wildlife, children’s books, London Zoo, Amber, my Chihuahua, the web and shopping trips to New York, Japan and London.

What is your all time favorite Brat and Suzie piece?

Ice Skating deer sweater, as it’s so cute, snuggly, warm and wearable.


Amber the Chihuahua

What do you do in the office?

I am the Muse, I also sleep, play with my toys (ratsy, mouse and ted), sit on important samples, bark at inappropriate times (mostly when anyone has an important phone call) and protect Mum from those men that bring parcels by biting their trouser legs.

What is your all time favourite Brat and Suzie piece?

The grey Chihuahua in bow tee, because it’s based on me.

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