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  • New Year – New Sale

    Now we all know that January can be pretty tough on the purse. We’ve overspent at Christmas, New Year celebrations were pretty pricey, and the latest instalment of pay has disappeared on bills, overdrafts, and other delights all too soon. Team that with this dull, drizzly weather and it can easily feel like you’re living in a month of Mondays. However, if you’re looking for a guilt free indulgence to cheer you up without creating a terrifying dent your bank balance, then why not take a look online at our selection of sale items.









    Not only does every item on our website have huge reductions, but they are also all garments that can easily see you into the next season. After all, summer is unfortunately a long time away. As our ethos here at Brat and Suzie is based upon creating animal illustrated clothing that you will love to wear time and time again, there’s no need for you to stop wearing pieces such as the Wolf Dream Catcher Tee once the sun finally shines. In fact, we think it looks fantastic when worn with distressed denim shorts and bohemian inspired sandals (despite the fact that just the thought makes us feel chilly right now).


    Be sure to take a look under the ‘Sale’ tab too for some outrageous bargains. A handful of tops are just five or six pounds each, including the popular Dip Dye Love Bird Tee and Teacup Mouse Tie-Front.



    My personal favourite item currently on offer is the Elephant Print Parka Jacket. Reduced from £50 to just £20, this coat is an absolute must have. Ideal for throwing on wherever you are off to, the dark khaki goes with any nearly anything, whilst the grey Aztec elephant print sleeves and hood are a great way to incorporate a print into your outfit. The lovely long sleeves make the parka feel extra cosy, yet it’s not too bulky if you have to carry your coat on the tube/ in a bar/ whist out shopping. Generous pockets and a large, handy hood make me love this parka even more, so I would definitely advise that you add one to your basket.


    Have a happy new year, and happy sale shopping too!


    Written by Sophie Seymour.






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  • Bloggers Love Bambi!

    The Walt Disney motion picture “Bambi” has more than earned its place as a classic. Originally released in Great Britain on the 9th August in 1942, the film is still popular today and has been repeatedly hailed as one of the top children’s movies of all time. The tale of a young deer making his way through life without his mother is endearing and sweet, as the young fawn learns fast with a little help the adorable friends he meets along the way.

    This season we paid homage to the wide-eyed little deer by including a charming illustrated print on a versatile grey fabric featuring monochrome fawns prancing about and nibbling pink grass within our collection. The two Bambi garments we created are the skater dress for £35 and the midi skirt for just £25. Both are made of 100% cotton and are currently still in stock in every size on our website.

    Now here’s where we’d normally recommend that you style either piece with cosy sweaters, your favourite pair of boots, thick tights and knit accessories for these cold Winter days. If you were off on a night out, we’d advise keeping it simple by tucking in a black top of your choice (if you opt for the skirt) and teaming with a glossy patent belt and impressive heels. However, as our Bambi inspired items have proved such a hit with some of our favourite fashion bloggers, we thought you would let their ensembles do the talking, and provide you with some inspiration.

     Natasha from


    Caroline from


    Paige from


    Ella from

    Written by Sophie Seymour.

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  • Quick As A Flash!

    For many of us, the 28th November will pass by simply as one of the many Thursdays that we have had this year – not quite the end of the week, but with Friday night finally in sight. However, for those ‘across the pond’ in the United States, this date will mark Thanksgiving.

    Now, it’s unlikely that we’re going to emulate those in America by gathering our family and friends for a huge celebratory meal (we’d rather just wait for Sunday roast,) but for the first time ever we will be embracing the notion of Black Friday here at Brat and Suzie. Held the day following Thanksgiving, this is one Friday a year when people are more occupied with how to spend their hard earned cash than with plans for going out that night, as retailers offer exceptional discounts and promotions in order to announce the start of the Christmas shopping season in style.

    So here’s the good news… Our flash sale is beginning this Friday and running for the entire weekend. When you head to our website, you will find that each garment (excluding those already on sale, because they’re a bargain as it is) will be half price!

    If you’re looking for gifts for family and friends, or just eyeing up a few presents for yourself, then this is the perfect opportunity to save some money. Whether you decide on something like the cosy badger cardigan, one of our animal print tees, or our brand new parka jacket, you can enjoy 50% off the original price on as many garments as you can fill your shopping bag with.

    Be ready to keep a close eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages, as we will let you know the second the sale begins so that you can shop our animal inspired creations until your heart’s content. Make sure that you share news of the half price discount with other Brat and Suzie lovers, because it will be over in a flash.

    Happy shopping!



    Written by Sophie Seymour.    

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  • Keeping Cosy



    Fair Isle knits are one of the best things about winter fashion. Originally created nearly a hundred years ago on a small island off the coast of Scotland, the patterns are now something of a wardrobe staple throughout the colder months. Often featuring motifs such as snowflakes, reindeer, and stars, the knits are naturally synonymous with the build up to Christmas. The popularity of festive patterns on clothing and accessories over recent years has ensured that this is a seasonal trend that can be revisited time and time again.


    This season at Brat and Suzie, we incorporated Fair Isle inspired patterns in a selection of illustrations used on our cosy sweaters, to bring you a fusion of classic knitwear prints with some adorable winter animals (as is our speciality) without any of the need for hand washing or de-bobbling! Each costing only £35, the sweaters will prove invaluable throughout the colder months as they not only keep you toasty, but can be worn in so many ways that you never need to compromise style for being nice and snug.


    The first sweater features a sweet seal pup donning fuzzy earmuffs and a magenta Fair Isle onesie and is printed on a pink marl background. Next, putting on a few extra pounds to stay warm is the fat owl, with a Christmassy pattern proudly displayed across his chest. This beautiful bird perches on a light grey sweater and will go with any colour scheme you choose. Last, but not least, is the prepared panda who is sporting an amazing matching mint Fair Isle beanie bobble hat and scarf. Standing out against a snowy white sweater, he is ready for our British weather.


    Though it is hard to pick which wonderful winter creature will sit best amongst existing pieces in your wardrobe, we think that they all look their best when paired with contrasting collars or statement necklaces, as seen in our look book. We’re sure that you’ll love these statement sweaters as much as we do, and after all, select any glossy fashion magazine and you’re sure to read how the new take on the humble jumper this season is now the ‘it’ item to buy – what better excuse do you need?               


    Written by Sophie Seymour.



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  • Here at Brat and Suzie, we absolutely love finding new illustrators to bring to life some of the ideas that we have for our ever-expanding selection of animal inspired garments. When Charlotte was introduced to Ria Edmenson last New Year’s Eve through a mutual friend, they discovered a shared love of animal illustration. Adorable dog pictures were discussed, sketches were made, and now Ria’s work forms part of the current Brat and Suzie collection. We spoke to our latest recruit to find out more.
    Having graduated this year with a degree in illustration from the College of Art in Edinburgh, Ria’s love for creating animal based artwork is already proving a success.  Despite one of her dreams being gaining a career in television, telling us: “I would love to work in film or TV – my dream job would be a TV presenter,” it seems that the world of illustration is a perfect match.  One of her designs for Brat and Suzie is already currently available to buy online at Asos - just look out for the adorable grumpy pup sitting in a swing and donning a blue polka dot party hat.  Make sure that you also keep an eye out for another of her creations in our soon-to-be available Autumn/Winter collection; a design featuring a French bulldog with a cupcake on his head and an “It’s my party!” caption was made possible by the artistic talents of this creative graduate. 

    Delightful dogs such as those already mentioned occupy plenty of Ria’s work.  “My favourite things to draw are definitely dogs. I love everything about them – they have always fascinated me and have such in depth characters. They love you regardless, and are such beautiful creatures. They are so much fun to draw,” she says.  Her favourite breed is the bold Bassett Hound, and though she already owns two Beagles named Barney and Rosie, she has her hopes set on adding another puppy to her collection of furry friends.  

    It was Ria’s two Beagles that formed the name of her budding illustration company “Barney and Rosie’s” ( Selling the likes of t-shirts, greetings cards, postcards, cushion covers, and limited artwork prints, fans of Brat and Suzie should most definitely take a look at her solo work.  Despite running a busy company of her own, Ria was excited to work with us, explaining that: “I love that Brat and Suzie use animals on all of their clothing and it can be styled with literally anything! Plus the girls are very good to work with.”  To produce the images featured within the Brat and Suzie range, the illustrator used fine liner and watercolour (when needed) to create the designs, before simply scanning the artwork in, and editing them on Photoshop.  She makes it sound easy!          
    When asked about her personal sense of style, Ria describes her fashion choices as being “a little bit vintage, a little bit Edinburgh… it ranges from Doc Marten’s with long dresses and woolly jumpers to cropped high waisted jeans, Converse and little crop tops - depending on the weather and my mood!” Whereas she details her signature methods of illustration as being “very linear; colour is used sparingly because the image is so detailed. I like to use different patterns and swirls and lines to create the different tones and textures of the dog (or animal) to match the character of her/him.”


    Referencing Vic Lee and Jon Tremaine as inspiration, alongside film favourite Tim Burton, Ria tends to create her    artwork whilst listening to a mixture of film scores, XFM podcasts, 80s power ballads, and a dash of Laura Marling or Dave Matthews Band.  “These are the things that help me create my pups,” she explains.  A couple of pups in particular that the illustrator has produced are firm favourites – she tells me “My favourite work would have to be my latest Christmas collection. I have drawn a Pug with a little bow on its head, as well as a happy smiling black Labrador kitted out in a Santa hat and coat… I absolutely love Christmas.

    With her favourite season just around the corner and her contribution to the new Brat and Suzie collection soon to be released, now is a very exciting time for Ria Edmenson.  Make sure you follow her various social media pages to keep updated on her latest work, as more delightful dogs and incredible illustrations are on their way.

    Twitter: @BarneyandRosies
    Instagram: @madteapartay

    Written by Sophie Seymour.
    You can Buy Rhias Party Dog Tee or Sweater at ASOS.COM today!

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